About Us

Aldakheel Industrial Gases Plant (DIGAS) was founded in 1979 in Medina, Saudi Arabia as one of Abdullah Aldakheel investment company subsidiaries. It produces and supplies high-quality medical gases to hospitals and healthcare centers. It also supplies and installs liquid medical gases (cryogenic) tanks, and performs maintenance as well.
For the Industrial sector, DIGAS is a leading supplier of industrial gases to Saudi top projects with long experience and knowledge.


DIGAS clearly understands that its products are critical for your continued success. If you’re a medical care provider, we know that a missed delivery can literally be life-or-death. And if you are an industrial contractor, we know that a late delivery means low cessation of operations, standby welders, and more delays and costs.
Therefore, DIGAS does not focus only on a high-quality product, but on reliability by building a reliable operations infrastructure and developing a highly redundant operations system.

Recognition and Approval

Our long experience, products quality, excellent operation performance, on-time delivery, and reliability made us an approved industrial gases company by Saudi’s top national organizations such as (Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Ministry of Health, Saudi Electricity Company, Ma’aden, and many others) and multinational companies as well.

Best Choice!

We are the best choice when it comes to supply the Kingdom’s largest oil, refinery, gas, water, power, mining plants, or any industrial projects. We know what quality in the gases you need, how fast you need them, and we guarantee you that during the peak of your project, your welders will not stand ideal.